NewDesk is build for speed and efficiency. It was build from ground-up to run on any computer, from harcore server machines to… Raspberry Pi!

Our tests show, that it’s able to process up to 120 user actions per minute (one each 0.5s) of Raspberry Pi 2B, with Samsung SDHC card, using JUST ONE CPU core and minor memory usage. Since ARM CPU installed on 2B board has 4 cores, and we have plenty of RAM left, we should achieve much better results. The bottleneck is I/O of SD card, related to MySQL transactions commiting. We will verify that soon.

However the fact is, that NewDesk and Raspberry can be a perfect combination for building inexpensive and secure Document Management System for small office or event home.

We can’t wait to test our system against Raspberry Pi 4 with SSD with database files located on SSD drive connected via USB 3.

Stay tuned!