NewDesk: Clean, simple and easy to use BPM system

Built with simplicity and speed in mind, NewDesk is the most useful and easiest to use BPM system to hit the market.

Create digital workflows in minutes

Instead of months-long projects, create usable workflow app by yourself, and see how it fits your needs. It’s not important whether it’s a simple task assignment, complaints resolution or invoice approval process.

  • Fully responsive so your content will always look good on any screen size
  • Since it’s PWA, it’s very performant, even on poor connections

All features on mobile devices

Assign tasks, create reports and design new workflows, even on the go!

All features available on mobile devices

What’s included

  • Fully responsive. Looks good on any screen size

  • Business process design tool, also as PWA

  • Sending and receiving e-mails built-in, with templates support

  • Search forms and chart reports for each process

  • User substitutions built-in

  • OCR ability

Stay on top of things with NewDesk! Your new, clean, digital desk.

One to-do list will let you focus only on important things. Thanks to online notifications you’ll never miss a task. Search forms and reports will help you monitor and improve processes!

UI: to-do list, boards and reports

NewDesk todo list on all devices

Benefits without risk!

Simplicity, speed and good price will make you stay with us for long. Try NewDesk, you’ve got nothing to loose!

  • Get your 14 days of free trial and see how easy your work can become.

  • You can change your plan or quit anytime, with no fees. You’ll be able to export collected data for a whole month since then.